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The spark plug is boring? Is the car too annoying with carbon deposits? How to do


Speaking of spark plugs, many car owners are familiar with it. Its main function is to introduce high-voltage current into the cylinder to generate electric sparks to ignite the combustible mixture! Each ignition in the cylinder requires a spark plug to ignite the mixture in the cylinder. This puts the spark plug in a high temperature and high pressure working environment for a long time, which can be described as "the water is very hot." Over time, carbon deposits will occur at the ignition. The obvious response is increased fuel consumption and difficulty in ignition.
So is there really nothing we can do about carbon deposits in spark plugs? After consulting the master of the 4S shop, the master said that there are two methods, one is to replace the spark plug, and the other is to use a fuel tank, especially for direct injection vehicles. The method of adding fuel tank is very effective.
However, it is said on the Internet that this fuel treasure is an IQ tax, can it really clean up carbon deposits? With skepticism, a Buick owner with a car of 120,000 kilometers and a Honda CRV owner with a car of more than 60,000 kilometers.
The two car owners checked the spark plugs of their cars. Buick's spark plugs had relatively more carbon deposits.
After all, the car has a lot of kilometers. In comparison, the spark plugs of Honda CRV owners have relatively less carbon deposits.
The two car owners not only checked the combustion chamber, but also checked the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. I don’t know. They were shocked at first sight. The two car owners had a lot of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. It is more necessary to remove carbon deposits than spark plugs.
After checking the carbon deposits, the two car owners each added a bottle of mustard green 400ml cleaning fuel tank, and then filled a tank of fuel. They are ready to run the tank and see if the carbon deposit situation improves. .
Immediately after filling up a tank of fuel, the two car owners continued to drive as they used to, without deliberately going to high speed. After a while, the two car owners checked the carbon deposits separately.
The cleaning of the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber is very obvious, especially for Honda CRV owners. The bottom of the cylinder is full of black carbon deposits. After the cleaning of the fuel tank, a lot of the carbon deposits at the bottom of the cylinder are washed away. The original color of the metal is exposed, and the edges can also be seen, leaving only a thin layer of carbon deposits. It seems that the cleaning ability of this fuel treasure is really good!
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