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How important is the spark plug?


The spark plug is an important part of the ignition system of an automobile engine, usually one spark plug per cylinder. The performance of the spark plug determines the efficiency and performance of the engine. Many car owners now neglect the maintenance and replacement of spark plugs. On the road, the engine shook violently; fuel consumption increased sharply, burning oil like water; the throttle felt underpowered. In this case, do you think the car will be scrapped? In fact, these failures may just be "small" problems caused by spark plug replacement and overwork.
Like auto parts, the spark plug is a high-frequency consumable, but different from the oil and air filter, although it has a fixed service life, but because it is working in the engine, it can’t be seen, nor can it be seen. Aging situation.
How to judge whether the spark plug is aging?
It can be seen from the aspects of cold start difficulty, vehicle shaking, increased carbon deposit, and high fuel consumption that it may be the cause of spark plug aging. If your car cannot fully ignite, it is not a battery or spark plug.
At this time, we need to replace the spark plug. What are the precautions for replacing spark plugs?
1. How often is the spark plug replaced?
The material used in the spark plug has a decisive influence on its replacement cycle. At present, the mainstream spark plugs on the market include copper cores, nickel alloy cores, platinum cores and iridium cores.
Copper core: Replace every 20,000-30,000 kilometers;
Nickel alloy core: about 40,000-60000 kilometers can be replaced;
Platinum core: Replace every 80,000 kilometers;
Iridium core: Replace every 100,000 kilometers.
2. How to judge whether the spark plug in the engine works normally?
If you want to check whether the spark plug is healthy, the most direct way is to pull it out. If the electrode and insulator are light yellow, it means that the spark plug is in good working condition; if there are black attachments on the spark plug electrode, it means there is disease, which may be due to Caused by "burning oil" or improper mixing ratio.
Pay attention to some details when replacing spark plugs.
First, we must choose a spark plug that fits the size of your car, and second, we must have professional tools.
When disassembling the spark plug, a cylinder should be used. The spark plug is not allowed to be completely disassembled and installed, otherwise dirt will fall into the cylinder.
When installing spark plugs, the biggest and most important thing is force. Spark plugs of different sizes require different strengths. If the force is very small, it will cause oil leakage and air leakage, which will affect the performance of the engine. If the force is too large, it will cause the spark plug to trip and twist.
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