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The "heart" of the modified car engine The important role of excellent spark plugs


First, in terms of policies and regulations, the upgrade of spark plugs can be said with certainty. There is no regulatory risk at all. Spark plugs are completely vulnerable and consumable automobile parts. The replacement of this part should meet the standard and model of your car, and it will be replaced and upgraded. Completely reasonable and legal.
Second, understand the real need for replacement spark plug upgrades. Spark plugs are easily damaged and consumable automobile parts. For our cars, especially those with direct injection, the consumption of spark plugs is several times higher than normal. Therefore, the replacement cycle of spark plugs for German cars is generally required to be 2-3 10,000 kilometers, the spark plug must be replaced. Therefore, this is a hard demand. After the kilometer is reached, the spark plug must be replaced naturally. In addition, for the modified car, the engine's horsepower, torque and other parameters have been upgraded and modified on the basis of the original factory, so for the spark plug, it is natural to make corresponding adjustments and upgrades. This is that for modified cars, upgrading spark plugs is actually a very necessary core requirement.
Third, simply understand and understand some important parameters of spark plugs. After fully understanding these parameters, I believe that car friends will naturally know how to choose spark plug components that suit them.
The parameters of spark plugs seem to be very complicated. These parameters are not what we need to pay attention to. We focus on a few. As long as these important parameters are mastered, then it is very easy for us to choose the correct and suitable spark plug products.
The calorific value, resistance, electrode gap, thread length of the spark plug, as well as the control of several working conditions of the spark plug used in the car, we will briefly explain one by one below.
The calorific value of the spark plug. This value is identified by lowercase Arabic numerals. The simple understanding is the temperature of the spark plug skirt (the part that wraps the center electrode). However, the calorific value number is not uniform due to different brands, and different brands An increase or decrease in numbers does not necessarily indicate an increase or decrease in popularity, which is very annoying. Therefore, what we need to know is that the heat resistance that the spark plug can withstand is different, so if we want to increase the heat value of our spark plug, that is, replace the spark plug with a higher number. In this way, greater heat resistance can be improved, in this case more heat can be exploded, and the performance of the car can be improved by a large part. At present, normally, the spark plugs used by the original factory will generally choose a relatively moderate value, such as 7. Therefore, as I said before, as the performance output of the modified car increases, the engine working intensity and temperature will increase accordingly. Therefore, we generally recommend replacing the hotter spark plug when the original spark plug life is approaching. The engine has a better performance improvement. However, the bigger the better. For example, the original factory uses a heat 6 spark plug. Generally, we will recommend upgrading the spark plugs of the same brand with heat value 7, 8, 9 based on the actual hardware and horsepower. Don’t jump too much. , Directly use the heat value of 10, and emphasize the same brand as the original manufacturer's supporting OEM, because the heat value of different brands often indicates that the heat value is not uniform. Of course, the spark plugs of some modified brands have been tested repeatedly for the car, and these need to be considered very little, just replace them directly. To put it simply, the modified car has higher requirements for the high-speed work intensity of the engine, so choose a spark plug with good heat dissipation, and choose a product with a higher calorific value than the original factory. It should be noted that the champion and Bosch spark plugs The representation method is that the smaller the number, the higher the calorific value, and the representation method of NGK and Denso is that the larger the number, the higher the calorific value.
The resistance of the spark plug is to reduce the magnetic interference generated by the high voltage of the ignition circuit. At present, the cars we generally use are all EFI engines, so all high-resistance spark plugs are used. Only a few old cars (carburetor) still use low-resistance spark plugs. Moreover, as long as the spark plugs selected are platinum and iridium spark plugs, they must have a large resistance value. Therefore, in simple terms, the resistance of the spark plug basically does not need to be considered in the upgrade of the modified car, and the probability of choosing the wrong one is basically zero.
The electrode gap of the spark plug, the spark plug electrode gap refers to the distance between the side electrode and the center electrode. Basically, the spark plug gap ranges from 0.6mm to 1.6mm. Simply put, the larger the gap, the greater the ignition capability, but this gap has a limit value. Once the limit value is exceeded, the ignition capability will have a counterproductive effect. To put it simply, when we are upgrading spark plugs, we will definitely choose iridium and platinum spark plugs. Generally, these spark plugs can be made very thin, and the gap requirements are relatively low. This type of spark plugs are often relatively new. The ignition efficiency is very high, but after a period of use, generally after 20,000 kilometers, the center electrode consumes too much, the gap becomes larger, and the ignition is still no problem, but the ignition efficiency will often decrease and some fuel consumption will increase. This is why we generally recommend a reduction in the cycle of replacing spark plugs in modified cars.
The thread length of the spark plug, in this regard, is indeed to select the correct model, we will not explain too much here.
It is very important to analyze the working conditions of spark plugs. By observing the used spark plugs, we can judge whether the engine is working normally, and we can also analyze and judge whether further adjustments are needed through these conditions.
For a spark plug with normal work, the skirt end of the spark plug insulator is brown or off-white, indicating that the spark plug is burning normally and matches the engine.
There is also a spark plug that burns overheating, the insulator skirt is white, and the electrode is ablated prematurely. This kind of situation is generally caused by insufficient heat dissipation of the spark plug. Or it may be that the label is not enough, and the octane number is too low. In this case, it is recommended to replace the spark plug with better heat dissipation. My understanding is that the heating value should be higher. Of course, some people think that the heat dissipation is good, and the calorific value should be low. We don't worry about this. We still use better heat dissipation as the basis. Different brands have different calorific value serial numbers, so we use heat dissipation as the basis for the most reliable.
Spark plugs with carbon deposits, spark plugs with black fleece carbon deposits, spark plugs with carbon deposits are generally caused by insufficient air intake, insufficient fuel combustion, and excessive heat dissipation capacity of the spark plug, and insufficient self-cleaning capacity. So here It prompts us to replace the spark plug with a weaker heat dissipation capacity, and the calorific value will decrease.
Fourth, how to choose the right spark plug for your modified car. In fact, we are concerned about this point. It is the most basic to choose the spark plug with the correct thread data to ensure that the installation is correct. Secondly, it is very important to choose the spark plug with the correct calorific value. It is also the most critical for our modified car performance car. Refer to the calorific value of the original spark plug brand, try to choose the spark plug of the same brand as the original spark plug. The horsepower performance is improved to the standard, and the increase is not more than 10%. Just choose the spark plug with the same calorific value of the original factory. If the calorific value is more than 10%-30%, choose the one that has a calorific value higher than the original spark plug. OEM spark plugs, the original spark plugs have a calorific value of 7, so when we choose, choosing to buy the NGK brand calorific value of 8 is generally a suitable upgrade plan.
Secondly, choose the spark plug material, nickel alloy, iridium, platinum, iridium platinum, these I think most modified car users will not be entangled, the gap will not exceed dozens of dollars a piece, try to choose precious metal materials.
Finally, the upgrade and modification of spark plugs is far more than that. It often needs to work with other hardware products. To put it bluntly, simply replacing a high-performance spark plug can not improve any horsepower performance at all, but it just improves the working conditions. It's just stability. Generally, after the modification, the power performance is improved, and after a series of hardware is replaced, the ignition system is an essential item for the overall upgrade to complete the upgrade and modification.
The spark plug has been upgraded, and at the same time it is necessary to upgrade a better ignition coil and high-voltage line. Therefore, in the next issue, we will share the upgrade and modification of the ignition coil.
Thank you for your support. Those who can read this are all real friends, real riders. If you still don’t understand anything, please feel free to leave me a message, comment, private message, if you are not sure about the product to be upgraded, you can also directly Come and ask us.
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